"World of Keiji Ito" Introduction


Keiji Ito, he sticks to his principles, "Me, all alone". He doesn't open his head so much as if only his works would be himself.

His sublime consciousness for ancient times and gods exists in his works. Also they are seemingly monotonous. However, we can find secret attraction that has both strength and warm heart of earth because his works represent earth itself simply in essence.

As Marie-Therese Coullery (Secretary-General of the International Academy of Ceramics) said, "Keiji Ito's work is rooted in the Japanese soil; its originality and contemporary dimension give it a universal value. He feels the need to the essential. For the ceramists this is the clay itself, unadorned, natural, and truthful in its simplicity".

Please enjoy "The World of Keiji Ito".

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The Web site "The world of Keiji Ito", is managed under his derection by his family.

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Keiji Ito, my family all the things that can be released in this year of the 50th anniversary of cropping are pleased.


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